Automatically close app from task manager from after exit

Going to use the Barclays app as an example here. When you have the app open and exit from the app or acknowledge a notification etc etc, the app will automatically remove it self from the task manager as a security function so no one could go back in to the app and browse. Quite a secure function indeed. Would be good to get this on the app, after all it is on track to becoming a fully fledged bank!

Is this on iOS or Android? I didn’t think apps could do this in iOS although I’m not a developer so not 100% sure.

can’t do that on iOS

Hmmm, that’s interesting :thinking: I didn’t know you could do this

I’m pretty sure the app on iOS clears the app and takes you back to the login in page.
Android kills the application.
I have linked a video which I recorded. When I click the Barclays app, it will appear black in the recording. Seems that is another built in function for security!

This isn’t possible on iOS so it must be an Android-only function.

I don’t really see what difference this makes other than having to reload the entire app back into the RAM each time?

The app has a toggle to make it only accessible with Touch ID and the RAM is encrypted anyway.

This just seems like a waste of time, unless I’m missing something?

Its a security feature. It forces you to log back in to the application every time your browse away from it. As this is to be a banking app, security is a must.

With iOS you can just set it to use Touch ID. Whenever you even go out of the app for a moment you need to present your fingerprint to get back in. Incredibly secure!

The problem is that if Touch ID is not properly implemented, people might find holes to get through. I’m sure :mondo: would iron out all of it. After that I don’t think closing the app is necessary. Don’t know about android :slight_smile:

How do you mean not properly implemented? By Apple, Mondo, or the user?

By mondo. There were a few bugs that allowed one to bypass Touch ID in certain situations, but they have been mostly fixed in the latest update.

Ah I see - I don’t see any way of accessing the app without Touch ID now so hopefully that’s fixed!

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Seems all the ways to access the app without TouchID has been removed in the last update. Also the screen in blurred until you use TouchID.

In regards to the Barclays app ‘clearing’ after closing, it still sits in RAM. When the home button is pressed, the app displays a new screen just before closing so when you go back to the phone that is the first screen you see. Its what :mondo: does with the blurred screen when TouchID is active.

In that case, my request would explicitly target Android in that case. Haven’t been an iOS user for some years, so I was unaware. Thanks for clearing it up! :slight_smile: