Automatically assigning emojis to transactions

(James Watkins) #1

So I’ve just found out that you can search using emojis which is really cool because you can edit the notes and add a beer emoji for example (or a flag of a country where you made the transaction). This makes the search function really powerful and allows you to do custom categories.

I did notice that some companies already have emojis automatically assigned to them. E.g. When I searched the beer emoji, a restaurant/bar that I visited recently automatically appeared in the search results (even though I hadn’t edited the notes and inserted that emoji myself). This is a cool feature, however there is no option to change that particular transaction. I actually bought a coffee from that bar, but that particular transaction came up when I searched the beer emoji (and not the coffee emoji.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

As @tristan’s acknowledged

I’m not sure this automatic categorisation’s a good idea, unless you can change the term / emjoi, retrospectively, as you’ve suggested.

Since it doesn’t look like there’s going to be really granular categories (beer / coffee, for example) any time soon, users need to be able to be able to set up their own system for recording categories / tags in notes & this extra input is obviously getting in the way.

(James Watkins) #3

I think keeping things simple like they have mentioned before is what makes the platform so good. Perhaps sub-categories would be good like they have suggested.

Being able to edit what emoji the transaction is assigned to would be good for people who want to fully explore the potential of the search function.

(Ben Green) #4

For merchants such as Netflix and Spotify, I currently have to manually add my own custom notes as “Subscription, Non-Essentials”.

I can’t think of an emoji that would cover either of those so I use my words lol. Would be great if we could set a merchant to always be “tagged” with tags of our choosing.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I guess that’s a pretty straightforward one for IFTTT to cover - if merchant is Netflix add emoji :repeat: :money_with_wings: to notes, what do you think?

(Ben Green) #6

Could do yes, if the IFTTT integration includes the merchant equals trigger. I would expect it to include a add note action though.

Also hadn’t thought as cash with wings emoji as non-essential. Quite imaginative :laughing:

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Actually that’s a good point, this would be straightforward to program (you just need the merchant group id) but I’m not sure how the average user would get to that, unless there was an option to pass it to IFTTT & create a recipe from a transaction / search of Monzo’s database but that seems unlikely…

Glad the emoji helped anyway :grinning: