Automatically assign tag to a category

Maybe wouldn’t be useful to that many people but if it’s easy to implement it would be a nice feature to automatically assign a tag to a category. For example:

I buy stuff for my cats and always assign the “Family” category to these transactions. I want to know at the end of a few months how much I’m spending on my cats but it’s not accurate if I just look at the money spent in the Family category because occasionally I buy gifts for Family members which get put in this category for a lack of a “Gifts” category.

So what I do is I add the tag #cats to all of these transactions so I can search by tag. However, I sometimes forget to tag them so then i have to go back to all the transactions in that category I did that week to check if they are tagged.

It would be great if there was a way for every “Family” transaction I make to be tagged as #cats as that really is the bulk of all my Family transactions. It would just be easier to untag the few transactions for Family gifts that are not cat transactions whenever I buy these gifts than to occasionally go back to past Family transactions to check if they are tagged correctly.

Alternatively, and way better: you could just finally add a Gifts category :stuck_out_tongue: