Automatically accept bill splits from certain contacts

I spend a lot of time bill splitting with my partner but we don’t want a full joint bank account just yet.

It would be neat to grant certain contacts privilege to make bill splits and have my account automatically accept them (maybe under a certain limit).

Devils advocate.

What happens if you fall out and you forget to remove access and said partner starts pinging up to the limit multiple times?

You’ve then entitled someone to take that money therefore may be difficult to have this returned.


Good point, potentially the request is only accepted if I don’t actively decline after 24 hours?

I get 24 hours to act on each request before any money moves.

But, isn’t it then simplified by just sending the request at point in time or adding to shared tab and they can only pay what they owe?

On the front of it, probably all the same taps either way.

My request only applies to bill splits so it feels like a non-issue.

Also, potentially make it a mutual thing. I.E, both parties have to agree. To accept and cancel the connection between the accounts.

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I was thinking reverse, so they add any and all bill splits and recover the costs by you multiple times.

I’m not in any means saying your idea is invalid, I just ponder on bigger picture and the damage that could be done, unless a clause in said agreement was if disputed to be refunded no issue, but then also, how do you prove otherwise.

I think it’s a very complex situation :sweat_smile:

Edit: to add, just in the same manner as a joint account.

Yeah I understand, it’s quite complex. Maybe there’s a different solution to our problem.

The issue we have is that we have very different credit scores and so a joint account poses a risk. We’d like a joint account as the trust is there 100%.

Maybe there’s a totally different solution. A joint pot maybe?

Would a shared tab help?

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This could impact the other, when being reviewed for credit elsewhere.

There’s difference in mine and my partners credit file and we went to joint account and not seen much impact from this (though totally based on individual circumstances) and we solely use it for bills at the moment.

Maybe something similar but in the form of a pot as opposed to a tab. We each put money into the “shared pot” and can each freely use it for bill splits.

Just sounds like the inverse of a shared tab. I just use a shared tab with my partner, and we may pay it off ad-hoc if there’s a big payment or whatever.

Good luck in your search for the perfect solution.


That seems like an accident waiting to happen


It’d be a cool idea if you could direct all splits to a pot and have them auto paid if funds are available.

I don’t know how technically difficult this would be