Automatic detection of line-items doesn't seem to work with Monzo and Freeagent

While I understand that the code to do this is on Freeagent’s end, there is perhaps still something that can be done from Monzo’s side as Monzo is in charge of the formatting of messages they send through to Freeagent. The problem is that the automatic detection of items which are identical to items from previous months does not appear to work with Monzo, whereas it worked perfectly with my previous bank account. Perhaps something that the business banking team would look into, as it really makes the user experience nasty (having to categorise everything manually every month)

Mine didn’t to begin with, but having now explained a few of them again it seems to be picking them up.

I have been doing it for seven months, and it has picked up 0.

Is it definitely enabled in settings?


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I never turned it on for my other account (apparently it was always on), so I didn’t know it was actually a switch. Thanks!


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