Auto-transfer percentages to different accounts

I want to transfer percentages of money coming into my account to different accounts automatically.

E.g. I make £100, I auto-transfer percentages of that money into:

10% Savings Account (£10)

20% Tax (£20)

70% Main (£70)

So I don’t need to transfer the percentages myself, the system does it for me.

Is there a way to do this (either a feature or an API)?

If Monzo doesn’t offer this, is there a bank that does? This is a huge time/hassle saving feature that should definitely be a feature - it would be great for saving and planning, especially for businesses!

@BritishLibrary you seem knowledgable on this stuff! Thanks!

I wish this was possible too!

I had to do this on Starling and built a thing with their API (because I’m a developer).

But yeah, wish this was possible inside the app!

Technically you could do it with a mixture of the Google sheets export (so you’d need plus/premium) and use IFTTT. I tried to get it to work and never could, but I didn’t put that much effort into trying tbh.

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Monzo business accounts allow you to have a tax pot that takes a percentage each time you’re paid automatically.

Yep this is the only real way without truly faffing with the API I think. With Sheets, Plus and IFTTT you can do it to a degree. I made a fair few comments in this thread about the various things, but you want to look into IFTTT action of “When Cell Value Changes”.