Auto-export Transactions that are made directly from Pots

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a feature but personally I find it really annoying that the Monzo Plus auto-export transactions to Google Sheets feature does not include payments that come directly from pots. Is this intended behaviour or has someone forgotten to update the export feature after recently permitting payments directly from pots?


I call it a bug. It’s a feature that I really wanted and it ruins my dashboard.

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This is quite a shame this hasn’t yet been fixed. Is there any official bug list this has been added to? As I have been unable to find one.

It does make the most attractive features of Monzo Plus at odds with each other. I can neatly make all my bills using a virtual card and go out of a pot without thinking about it but I can’t track this with my preferred method of google sheets that I can have a budget and projection next to clearly visualising my spending on a larger screen.

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Replying to this thread is the best bug report really.

Sadly the export sheet gets worse the more features Monzo release that don’t play nicely with it.


This really needs fixing! One premium feature rendering another feature useless is shocking when people are paying for such features! Sort it out Monzo!

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Just recently upgraded my account to take advantage of the Google sheets transaction sync feature. I set up my spreadsheet to track all my variable spending and have just set up a pot for my bills and created a tab in sheets to track when they’ve been paid and on my first test with a virtual cards, the transactions don’t come through to sheets.

I understand why the transactions aren’t showed in the main feed in the app, to keep them separate but the fact that not all transactions pull through to the spreadsheet is beyond me.

If this is the same set up with the business account (that I’m waiting to be verified) then all my wonderful ideas for management accounting are scuppered :confused:


Does anyone know if this is on the radar to be fixed?


They know, they just don’t care.

Im guessing as this is still an issue this will never be fixed?

I expect so.