Auto Dark Mode on the forum please?

Is it possible to flick some preference switch and have dark mode here enabled to align with device preference, please?

I’ve seen it on other Discourse forums, but here I have to change it manually in the menu.

Thanks :sparkles:


In the meantime, I would recommend Noir if you’re on iOS (I think you are, if I recall)

It’s a Safari extension that generates its own dark mode for all websites when your device is in dark mode.

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That’s Jeffrey’s app! The animal crossing splatoon guy! Great indie dev and worth supporting.

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If you’ve played animal crossing new horizons or splatoon 3 without Jeffrey’s apps, you’ve been missing out!

Buy once, use forever. No subscriptions, no ads. Just a one-time purchase and Noir is yours, forever.

That’s their mantra for building apps. That’s why I buy them. Very well made too. He’s up there with the Apollo/pixel pals guy as one of the best solo indie devs on the App Store for me.

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