Auth code on transaction API?

(Steven Roberts) #1


Wondering if anyone can link me/give me any more information on the metadata block in the transaction API. I’m trying to find something that i can tie up to a paper receipt, something like the Auth code? I can see there is a field for mastercard_auth_message_id, but this is alphanumeric, and the paper receipt is only numeric.

Any ideas or links appreciated!


(Colin Robinson) #2

Might be worth asking in ?

(Hugh Wells) #3

This is our Mastercard Message ID which contains the entire message we are sent to process the transaction. The auth code is contained the message response :+1:

I’m afraid none of this is exposed by the API and I don’t think there are plans to mainly because it’s quite sensitive data :disappointed_relieved:


The auth code can be alphanumeric. It causes issues with some older mobile network systems…

I’ve had a couple that almost spelled out a word…

(Steven Roberts) #5

Thanks for the info @Hugh and Liam!