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Australian dollar, $, AUD

Card usage

Contactless is very high across the capital cities and is widespread in smaller towns, so cards are accepted almost everywhere. If paying with chip and pin, select ‘Credit’, not ‘Savings’ or ‘Cheque’.


The two largest ATM networks, Commonwealth Bank and RediATM charge $3 for withdrawals.

Payment and withdrawal limits

These can be found in the app settings. Contactless limit is $100 per transaction; for larger amounts, pay with chip and pin.

Crowdsourced merchant data

Please contribute merchant data!

Some restaurants charge a card processing fee to the customers, i.e. add a card processing surcharge not shown on the bill, which is permitted by law. However, this is rare.

Public Transport

For public transport in the state of Victoria (i.e. Melbourne) you can use a Myki card, which you can top up at train stations and convenience stores.
For public transport in Sydney, an Opal card is available, as are paper tickets. Since November 2018 Mastercard contactless (incl. Apple Pay) payments can be used on all trains, light rail and Sydney Ferries operated by Transport for NSW. Contactless is not yet available on buses or Fast Ferry services.

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