Aussie bank welcome pack


Great reads, thanks :slight_smile: I actually use Up for the majority of my main banking while I’m here in Australia and the ‘welcome pack’ is something I loved when I first received the card and honestly think Monzo could improve on (although I assume Monzo believes people will share the Hot Coral card itself over any packaging).

Up does a lot of things well (e.g. the Merchant Feedback process with them is so much better than Monzo) but they haven’t got most things up to scratch yet.


Nice read! Interesting to hear the story behind their decisions!

A Monzo sticker with your card would be nice. They appear to be as rare as hen’s teeth. Apple still include stickers with all their larger products, presumably they’ve done the maths.

Firebox used to send free sweets with their consignments (they may well still do so). I remember that 15 years on and still think of them fondly.

Maybe they could provide a physical golden ticket, something you can give someone so that they remember to sign up.

Or a queue jump for Freetrade voucher.

Or… socks.

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Not if you come to a Monzo Social event :grinning:


I got free pizza when I came (Voodoo Rays - nice), tried to win a t-shirt, never saw a sticker in the wild though.


Joking aside, unboxing is a real phenomenon online, people even video themselves unboxing new products. I bet A-B testing with sweets, vouchers, stickers, t-shirts, would be interesting. I am selflessly happy to test what it feels like to receive stickers in the post.


Agree, up’s welcome pack looks awesome. Starlings card packaging also has a nice touch, it looks and feels very nice and upscale compared to monzo. @AngusLovitt is this something the marketing team is looking at?

That colour looks rather Monzo :eyes:


Sorry to bump this but wasn’t sure where else to put it… Up released a nice little feature today where you can drag down your balance if it’s not rounded and this nice little animation happens and it drops the cents into your round up pot… I liked it so thought I’d share!


That’s a really sweet feature, plus the animation looks spot on. Makes Monzo seem old fashioned with it’s round ups.


Not that I know anything about the state of the Australian savings market, but the interest rate also looks pretty good.

Yep, I get 3% interest on my savings over here up to $100,000!

Aces! When is the next one in Glasgow?? :smirk: