ATMs to be replaced by Cashback


Cashpoints will be replaced with supermarket cashback within 5-10 years, under plans being drawn up by the Link network.

Link claims the amount being withdrawn from cash points will halve over the next decade as consumers move to using debit and credit cards for everyday spending. This will mean many cash points will shut in rural areas, according to the chief executive at Link.

While the idea sounds good in principle if you have a Link card and a large supermarket chain near you, if your card is not connected to the link network or you live in a small town or village with a local store not part of a big chain, you may lose your ATM but not have access to cashback.

Tourists (without a Link card) may be particularly affected as they may find no ATM but be unable to use the new Link Cashback scheme.


Why do we even need Link? I remember getting cash back at Asda even on my prepaid card (misconfigured terminal probably). Supermarkets can do this on their own just fine. :wink:

(Hugh) #3

Rather agree with this.
Monzo has shown that for a modern bank, connection to the LINK network is only needed for a very very small minority of ATMs.

Regardless, as more and more transactions move online and onto services like Monzo, the attraction of cash will reduce and people will just stop using ATMs. I see the massive advantage of cash back in stores, but I don’t see why LINK needs to be “pioneering” something that already exists…


Pricing to retailers and interchange charges will differ. The current cashback needs a purchase, this scheme from Link is designed to allow cashback without requiring any purchase


If there’s huge demand for it (due to less ATMs) I’m sure the supermarkets will figure something out that works with all cards - the interchange fees probably aren’t even that big of a deal currently as the supermarkets in exchange get more people in (so whatever fee is probably worth it for them already).

Link seems like an legacy and obsolete company trying to lock people into whatever new bad idea they rushed out to try to guarantee their survival which is quite sad really, and I hope this never catches on (I’m all in for cash back but it should be independent of what card you use).

(Justin I'Onn) #6

If you’ve ever gotten a cab home at three a.m. in the middle of nowhere, you’d realise that this is a very bad idea.


Why do we even need cash?


I personally never use cash and agree but I would still like the option of withdrawing cash to be there just in case; but we definitely don’t need Link for that - again supermarkets have already been offering cash back as long as the card allows it.

(Deborah Hambley) #9

Link have always been a thorn in the side regarding ATMs…they like to charge. Initially the LINK network was for Building Society ATMs …times have moved on. It is ridiculous to go back to ATM charges and it is ridiculous to expect customers to go buy something in a supermarket to get cash out of their bank account. I am disabled so I do online shopping. If I do go into town the supermarket is further away than my ATM. My ATM is in my bus station just where I need it to be with my limited mobility. Someone needs to give LINK a slap as far as Im concerned. They are out of touch and have never really undertood customer needs in the last 25 years. They are to the ATM industry what betamax was to video.


If people are spending so little cash that ATMs are no longer viable, I wonder why there’d be any cash in a supermarket till?

(Jon Rushton) #11

Since getting the current account and then android pay being enabled, the only time I’ve used an atm is when going out for meals with work colleagues. Just to make bill splitting easier (I know… But stubborn people)

There are very few places that need cash nowadays.

I’ve actually save money, since I’m not drawing out a tenner when I only need a few quid, as the change usually just gets wasted on something I didn’t need.

Welcome to the future.