ATM - out of action

In case any of you are thinking of travelling to Dorset and using the ATM in Beaminster you might want to find an alternative. It seems a couple of locals forgot their PIN, and used a tractor instead.

I have reported it on M/C Nearby app, but the machine is still showing on there this morning.



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Looks like some major structural work might be needed there :frowning_face:

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Grade II listed building. I fear we are unlikely to get the ATM replaced. R-

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I hate when things like this happens to old buildings!
They’ve definitely made a good job of that right enough :grimacing:

Sure did. But no money. They had two goes at getting the ATM out on the tractor bucket, failed, got shouted at by the lady who lives above the place - and ran away.

We are told that the machine had been topped up the day before, to cater for a large local event, and contained c. £100k. Sounds too high to me - but you know the saying, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. R-

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