ATM cash categorised as Personal Care?

(Phil) #1

I’ve noticed a few times that taking out cash at an ATM is categorised as “Personal Care”.
This is usually used for local late-night fast food (definitely not personal care) or purchasing something at a small shop that won’t take card for a) the amount I’m spending or b) at all.

Why is cash categorised as Personal Care?

(Will flag Danny for cake) #2

Did you categorise it as personal care once when you did a withdrawal for something specific?

Always been finances for me

(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #3

Mines also always been finance

(Tom ) #4

It means you categorised it as that before.

(Liam W) #5

As has been mentioned, categories for merchants are remembered. ATM’s are treated like their own merchant, so when you next use an ATM it’ll take on the category you last manually categorised an ATM transaction as.


(Phil) #6

If, as has been mentioned, it is due to a previous categorisation, then that makes sense and I’m here for this.