ATM Bank Details

(Evan Davis) #1

Whilst the address of the ATM used shows up, would it be possible to also show the name (and potentially logo) of the bank used?

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Thanks @evan for that idea :slight_smile:

So far we’ve been considering every ATM as exactly the same since there’s no really a difference on service using one bank or another. Additionally I can predict some legacy banks potentially being hostile if we use their logos…

What would you get out of that? Do you think it will help you to understand your finances better or it’s more of a cosmetic thing? Thanks!

(Evan Davis) #3

It would be mainly for reconciling my accounts. On almost all ATM transactions I get an address… sometimes inaccurate (not blaming you for that). By adding the bank name or ATM owner, it would assist in recalling where a transaction was made… particularly if there is some sort of issue down the track that needs to be investigated.

I can see your point in the use of logos. Perhaps just add the name to the address field.

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

I see, in case of an issue that makes total sense and would help you to know how to deal with the dispute. We may even give you the phone number you need to call to complain.

Not sure how technically feasible would be (as far as I know cash withdrawals are a slightly particular kind of transaction) but I totally take your point. We’ll keep an eye on that :slight_smile:

(James East) #5

I agree that having the name of the bank included when using an ATM would be good. My traditional bank statement includes it, so I’ve never really understood why Mondo wouldn’t.

Logos aren’t important, but having a bank name against those late-night drunken cash withdrawals might help piece together memories of an evening! Not that I’d ever do that but I can imagine it as a use case… *ahem*

(Evan Davis) #7

Just noticed the new Test Flight version now shows the raw merchant details (including the bank details for ATM transactions) at the very bottom of each transaction :slight_smile: