At last, a generation of schoolchildren will grow up knowing it’s OK to be LGBT

I think this is a great step forward for equality and acceptance. Just wondered how others people feel. A few of my friends are very much against it.


If you decide to teach children an outdated version of society then you are failing them


I have added the missing “LGBT” to the end of the subject. Just for clarity’s sake.


Can you explain what reason your friends cite for being against acceptance and understanding?

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Unfortunately a lot of people hijacked this when it was first announced with misinformation and scaremongering. They aren’t going to be teaching kids about the mechanics of sex in the LGBT community, just that same-sex couples do exist and can have loving relationships that are healthy and perfectly acceptable. Also that family comes in all shapes and sizes, there is no “normal” anymore.


It’s ridiculous that it’s taken this long, honestly. But, I’m very glad that my daughter and her peers will grow up seeing this as normal in all aspects of life, including their classroom lessons.

I just hope that in school, it’s taught as a matter of fact and that they don’t bring attention to LGBT relationships specifically. It shouldn’t be ‘here’s our information about our relationships’, followed by ‘here’s our information about LGBT relationships’. It should all be taught as one.

My daughter has just started school and accepts all of this as the norm because she knows no different. At no point has anyone ever pointed out to her that some people take issue with LGBT relationships. I want to keep it that way for as long as possible, but would far rather she heard a positive message in school - for the sake of her peers and herself - than stay ‘blissfully unaware’ at the expense of others that might hear otherwise at home.


it doesn’t if this is teach in schools or not at the end of the day you can’t change people’s views no matter how much you push it in thier faces, the parents will still tell thier children that lifestyle is not OK

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But at least they’ll be hearing from somewhere that it is.

But in a way, isn’t the point of education to teach people to come to their own conclusions?

If my parents told me 2+2=5 but my teacher told me 2+2=4 one view point is objectively correct. Just because your parents tell you something doesn’t mean they’re right or that you will assume their view point.


Which is their prerogative, as much as I disagree with that stance.

But school is about educating children so they function in society. Part of that is ensuring they know that minority groups exist and that the law states they need to be tolerant even if they disagree or are brought up to be intolerant.

One is muslim and doesn’t believe in LGBQT at all.

The other thinks it shouldn’t be taught so early and that it could encourage kids to become LGBQT (his son goes to all all boys school).

Sounds like they need a bit of equality and diversity training :joy:

They do know that’s not how that works, right?

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this is the same as teaching that racism isn’t good at a early age will make things much better, well its not and the same with this it will never make a difference because its been teach at schools because at the end of the day people will make thier own choices no matter what the circumstances

I think that misses the point. Even if it did work like that, it’s okay!!!

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Doesn’t believe that LGBTQ people exist? That it’s just people putting it on?

Wow. Best not mention the gay rays they fire at you. That’s how I became a whoopsie.

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Yeah it would be, but they can’t teach you to be gay by talking about LGBTQ+ at school

They taught me about shapes and it didn’t make me think I was a rhombus


That’s the argument that always makes me laugh: “There’s no need to push it into people’s faces.”

My daughter has lived on this planet for almost five years. In that time she has made many, many friends. Only now that she’s started school has she finally made one friend, ONE friend, with same-sex parents. Everywhere she’s looked before now, every couple she’s noticed, has been a male-female couple.

At home, she sees a mixed-sex couple every day. Her own parents.

If introducing the concept of an LGBT relationship is pushing it into a child’s face, then she’s had mixed-sex relationships pushed into her face for as long as she’s existed. It’s almost all she’s ever seen, as much as those against this would have us think otherwise.

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Religious private (and even some state funded) schools aren’t going to teach

For regular schools it’s a good step, but anyway they would get exposed to LGBTQ naturally and even if the exposure isn’t alot, they will generally be more open minded.

Frankly every school which receives state funding should be adopting this.