Assigning values to #s

(Tom Thorpe ) #1


I’ve been playing around with #s since the update and are really enjoying them, but am running into difficulties when a transaction has multiple categories e.g. alcohol and groceries on a supermarket shop. I dont really want to have to put my shopping through in several transactions so I can report correctly!

One possible solution I can think of is to be able to append a value to a specific instance of a hashtag e.g. ‘23.66#alcohol’. When the #'s feed is shown, it uses the preceding value for that #, else the full transaction if no preceding number exists. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement (possibly) and might bring us closer to that holy grail of custom categories :roll_eyes:

(Jonathon) #2

I think this is suggested in the thread on their introduction. It’s a great idea that I would love to have.

(Tom Thorpe ) #3

Ah cool,

Guess I should’ve read that more :confused:

seems like a powerful update that shouldn’t require too much dev time.