Assign transaction to pot

(Rob Winter) #21

How have you achieved this?! I’ve got the IFTTT action on a page right now but it’s asking for a specific amount. I want it to figure out how much the transaction was & move that same amount out of the pot. There’s a list of “ingredients” which make no sense to me as they’re just variable names… Any help much appreciated dude :wink:


Dan is most likely using the “Any card purchase at merchant” trigger – and then using the “Move money out of a pot” action with the “AmountInAccountCurrency” ingredient.

(MikeF) #23

That’s what I do.


Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I’d love to see an option to “fund” a transaction from a pot. I often end up shuffling money between accounts and pots.

For example, I have a pot for “house renovations” and I’ve just spent £50 in B&Q, marking that transaction as “funded by” my “house renovations” pot would:

  • transfer the transaction amount from the pot to my account
  • mark the transaction as “excluded from summary”
  • log it against my pot activity somewhere (pot spending in summary?)

This would be especially useful for joint account pots - so if you spend on your personal account you could refund yourself from a joint pot.

What do people think?