Assign transaction to pot / button to withdraw exact transaction amount from pot

Such an obvious feature and so many people requesting it for such a long time.
I’m feeling pretty foolish for taking the trouble to switch banks before discovering this essential budgeting tool is missing.
Why hasn’t it happened yet? Have the developers even said they’re working on it?


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If this was such a critical feature that your last bank provided and you can’t function without it, then yes, you absolutely should have checked this before switching and it is nobody elses fault but your own.

Monzo haven’t lied or deceived you. It’s all here out here in the open for you to see that it currently isn’t available but a handful of people do want it. Maybe it will come in the future, maybe not :man_shrugging:

Out of interest, who was the bank that provided this functionality? It’s a feature I would personally like to use.