Assign transaction to pot / button to withdraw exact transaction amount from pot

Such an obvious feature and so many people requesting it for such a long time.
I’m feeling pretty foolish for taking the trouble to switch banks before discovering this essential budgeting tool is missing.
Why hasn’t it happened yet? Have the developers even said they’re working on it?


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If this was such a critical feature that your last bank provided and you can’t function without it, then yes, you absolutely should have checked this before switching and it is nobody elses fault but your own.

Monzo haven’t lied or deceived you. It’s all here out here in the open for you to see that it currently isn’t available but a handful of people do want it. Maybe it will come in the future, maybe not :man_shrugging:

Out of interest, who was the bank that provided this functionality? It’s a feature I would personally like to use.

Thanks for your helpful and constructive contribution.

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I didn’t have this feature at my old bank, I just thought that Monzo’s pots and budgets would be more flexible than they actually are.
You Need A Budget does everything I want EXCEPT for automatically synchronising with UK banks…

I have YNAB sync’ing with our Monzo Joint account and both of our Personal accounts too.
A bit Techy to set up, but it works perfectly.

Really?! I don’t mind investing some time in the initial setup but I know I’m not going to have the patience to manually download and reconcile lists of transactions every few days.
How did you do it?

The details are here;

Specifically, the excellent step-by-step instructions that @BritishLibrary provides.

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Ah, sorry I misunderstood! I was hoping you’d switched from a bank that did budgeting better so I could open an account with them to try it out! :sweat_smile:

Any update on this?


Just because someone suggests something doesn’t mean Monzo are working on it, or that they even consider it to be a good idea.

Keep an eye on this topic and the ‘news and updates’ section of this community to be kept in the loop.

Would love something like this, to me the Monzo app is absolutely brilliant. Wish I had switched banks before. Being able to push transactions into certain pots is the one feature for me that is missing

Thank you for this. Will this work if I’m not an IFTTT Pro member? I’ve enabled it against my account, so will see what happens…