ASDA Pay at Pump

(Arran McKinlay) #1

Has anyone else had problems with self service petrol stations, in particular ASDA? I’ve tried about 4 times at self service ASDA petrol station and everytime it gets rejected. May be down to the mag strip, and as a android user the feat to allow it’s use is not available to me.

(Simon B) #2

Hi Arran! It’s very unlikely to be the magstripe issue. Generally, if there’s a decline due to magstripe, you’ll get a confirmation of this in the app.

The more likely scenario is that Asda have chosen to not allow prepaid cards to be used at their petrol pumps. There are several petrol pump providers that do this. It’s one of the issues that will no longer be a problem after we’ve launched the current accounts :slight_smile:

Using pre-paid MasterCard at self-service petrol station
(Arran McKinlay) #3

Ah perfect Simon, thanks for explaining. Can’t wait for the launch of the current account! :grin: :grin:

(Jae) #4

Yes I have since mid December. I have money in the bank but still won’t let me use it. Also all self serve pumps do the same
In the past I’ve got petrol without money. Just the £1 with no trouble
Strange I agree

(Allie) #5

Asda or Morrisons (the one petrol station that still seems to be an issue)?