Article from 2018. Still applies? Monzo co-founder and CEO Tom Blomfield speaks to Virgin Start-Up newsletter

That must be really old with the product roadmap references

Date at foot of page says 2018.

Several hints that this is an old article.

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I didn’t get that far :grin:

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Yeah, I’ve just noticed 2018 at the bottom. Can/should I delete it?

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I got confused at the:

A lot of legacy banks try to generate that word of mouth artificially, by offering users money in exchange for referring a friend. But what they’re essentially offering is a bribe: they’re paying you to do something that you don’t really want to.

Because they did that :rofl:

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I can close and unlist the thread if you’d like?

I’ve just noticed. That’s why it’s bs, then. :wink:

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Up to you. I’ve changed the title to make it clear it’s from 2018. It’ll die a natural death, anyway.

Lesson 1: Check date.

Hindsight, eh? (And not just me)


Is James Amey known to the forum, in a staff/business sense?

randon question but yes, Cops

I’ve just stumbled over his twitter account. Interesting.

Can I do DMs yet?

He’s in the same team as me! :blush:

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