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(Splodf) #21

I’m not sure.

I do suspect they are massively overvaluing their market and the revenue they can generate.

They’re trying to state they offer a bank in the box as well, which allows other people to use their FCA license…that doesn’t sound feasible or credible at all?

They’re also banking on being able to passport across the EU to other countries, but I pointed out that Barnier has said that isn’t exactly a certainty.

I think it’s an incredibly risky investment and if they get funded I will be amazed. Especially when you look at the proposition of Hyper Sciences and even Serious Pig to a degree, currently raising on the platform.

I feel like I’m being a troll as I appear on every thread disagreeing with them, but people have to know Crowdcube’s due diligence is notoriously lacklustre and these guys are an incredibly high risk, overvalued company that are purposefully obfuscating facts on their pitch and are generally not a very well thought out idea!

(NM) #22

They’re charging for faster payments?! and direct debits ?!?!? :exploding_head:

(Splodf) #23

They’ll probably charge you for breathing whilst the app is open.

(NM) #24

It honestly reads like that. The charges are absurd and there was some wierd stuff on companies house as well. As they are owned by Marq millions LTD. but there was a former company Marq millions (UK) limited which was dissolved so I have no idea whats going on