Aren't some of the roadmap goals already done?

There’s a screenshot of the roadmap, if I’m not wrong isn’t “ for current accounts” & “Improve direct debit information” already completed?

I believe only works for existing users that migrated over, new current account users I believe have the feature disabled. As for the direct debit improvements I think only the top 50 merchants have been made beautiful :slight_smile:


That makes sense, thanks for letting me know!

Correct - right now only works if you upgraded from prepaid. This isn’t far off being fixed though - a couple of weeks or so.

Enriched direct debits are indeed done - moved that over to the Done board for now (although, there may still be improvements to be made to this still)

I hope so because I’m seeing a really ugly, long, unneeded reference where the note tends to be in the transaction list on my first direct debit since the beautification. That really clutters up the transaction list and is very ugly.

Does that reference really need to be there, considering it’s available when you click on to view a transaction? Are there any use cases where users would need to see the reference without clicking in to the transaction?
I don’t think I’ve ever needed a reference for a direct debit.

Only for a handful of providers… Bristol Energy, MBNA, and Newday (Aqua) are still not beautiful :cry: Now I know there will always be someone missing, but these all seem like significant sized companies.

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Amazon Refunds are ugly, I’m not sure if it’s just direct debits that are getting attention though

Will there still be a way of changing usernames? That was part of the plan when it launched way back when.


I would also like to be able to change my username, or at least drop my middle names out of it

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If you ask really really nicely, support will do it for you :v:t2:

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Is that drop the middles names? Or change it completely?

It can be changed within reason. Eliding a middle name would be a good example of ‘within reason’ :grin:

Is this just for, or is it also for Faster Payments? If the latter, could you drop my middle names? :slight_smile:

It’s for

For faster payments, right now they show the legal name. We are looking at adding the ability to show a preferred name on them, we hope to add this soon.

I think they need to show legal name, right? And probably should, so they match rent contracts, etc… I’m just talking about removing middle names (which aren’t on rent agreements and stuff anyway).

Most of my other bank accounts seem to have adopted Initial(s) + Surname for transfers. Useful if people have several middle names that they don’t want everyone else to know about.

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First initial (no middles) plus surname would be ideal for me :slight_smile: The full thing is just… messy and ugly!

in that case best to do Surname First name Middle name instead of First name Middle name Surname.

That means if it is truncated the middle name is

At the moment due to a middle name the more important surname gets truncated

Why not just not do middle names? Or first names, for that matter. An initial is better :slight_smile:

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agree, but in the past when we asked Monzo insisted they had to (despite some other banks not worrying about it)