Are you ready for an electric car?

Really not an issue as cars come with appropriate adapters. There shouldn’t be any yikes at this. It’s just like you’re going to Europe with an appropriate adapter. Non-issue.

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Thank you - I didn’t know that. R-

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The real issue as I mentioned earlier is the crappy infrastructure. Great cars exist, they’re really affordable in other places and they could be in the UK but the environment needs to support them.

Going online and looking at the charging network availablility seems like it’s pretty paltry, once government and industry step up their game on charge points roll out it’ll seem pretty silly not to have an EV.

I did a post above with the speeds and types its a lot simpler than people think.

Type 2 for 3-43 kW and CCS for 50-350 kW.

(Only fancy cars atm like the Taycan (270 kW) can take advantage of above 100 kW atm)

As a rival to CCS you have CHAdeMO which is 50-100 kW. It’s predominantly just the Nissan Leaf / Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV that use it here in the UK. It has 400 kW spec ready but no actual charging points or cars that can take advantage of it.

UK rapid charging devices as of Jan 2020 its very close but I think CCS will win out, at least in Europe.

CCS: 2,196
CHAdeMO: 2,434

Read an article yesterday that BMW have announced that they’re ending production of the iconic i8 in April this year.

BMW have also seen these cars devaluate really quick. You can now pick up a relatively new second hand one for less than half the price new at ~£45k. (RRP £115k) Some higher mileage or older ones are a lot less too.

I had a quick look and they get 130mpg and do 0-60 in 4 seconds :open_mouth: