Are there fees on withdrawing cash in the U.K.?

The limit is £400 a day?

Also, what’s the max limit on my account for online spending? Say if I wanted to buy a computer.

Thanks in advance!

No, there isn’t.

I’m not aware of an online limit (It’s 10k for me, you can check in the app - but it’s a soft limit CS can change) (but assuming you don’t trigger fraud detection measures!).


Hi there, monzo won’t charge fees for using a cash machine in the UK, although the machine might and it should say this clearly, ( certain machines come up with a message ‘your provider may charge you a fee for using this machine’ this isn’t the case and monzo will not charge you )

Maximum limit for a card transaction is 10k but if you need that lifting message support and they can help.


Thank you!

Thanks! Where can I find my limitations?

Thank you!

Account -> Manage card -> Limitations -> Spending and Card Limits


Thanks again!

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That will be one nice computer!


The only time this will become a real issue is for buying jewellery, cars and holidays.

I do think the limit should be higher though in fairness.

I’ll let you have cars…but 10k holidays and jewellery? Where you taking me?

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Let’s be fair if a family decided to go to Disneyworld I don’t think you would be far away from what I can gather.

Any sort of Caribbean holiday or cruise of great quality.

Decent watch or an engagement ring.

Granted all rare payments but ultimately instances that could happen.

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With rare one off payments you can just ask for a temporary increase so it’s all good.

The limit is 10k per day on the card and 10k transfer per day. 99.9% of people aren’t going to break that limit.

Spending over 10k on an engagement ring, I’d seriously reconsider your priorities (and materialism) haha!


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