Apple WWDC 2020

i just saw it in the list of triggers and thought that would be perfect as we have fixed IP’s and then it won’t show if i’m on holiday or something. Just have to keep fingers crossed they add it now, i’m not confident they will :frowning:

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Monzo works with the iOS 14 Beta

Is this true? The new Maps, Stocks, and News widgets, for example, include buttons.

Santander app crashing on launch for me as an FYI. Website works fine though.

I’m not sure, it’s just what I read, however looking at the maps widget those buttons are just deep links, they don’t do anything within the widget itself so I guess it could well be true

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Yeah widgets can have tap targets on them that are just deep links into the app - they are laid over the widget content.

There is zero interactivity beyond these links. You can’t even mark a Reminder as complete from Apple’s own Reminders widget, it just kicks you over to the Reminders app.


It’s such a shame :frowning:

I assume it’ll change and improve over time but for now that’s annoying. I didn’t use many of the old widgets but the ones I did were all interactive. Knowing those developers can’t update them to the new style is a real let down

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The more I play with them, the more every-so-slightly disappointed I get in them.

I’m hoping this is just a beta thing, but a bunch of mine don’t update in a timely fashion either. For example, the Activity widget is currently (at 08:30) still showing my rings as they were when I got up at 6:00 – and there’s no way to force an update other than opening the app for a bit and let it figure it out.


I spotted something today on the old widgets on the iOS Beta.

Wonder how many people can spot the reason I’m posting this

It’s a lot more obvious with the numbers blanked out and not taking your attention



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Black smudges in your screen? :grin:

Oh shit. Mine too.

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I noticed it too

Not sure if it’s following an app update or not, but Barclays mobile banking has stopped working for me now. Not a deal breaker though

Dug out my old dev iphone 7 and stuck on. I like the app drawer… no more icons cluttering up the screen.

However you still can’t put icons where you like, they bunch up on the top of the screen - this is even more annoying now I have banished the lesser used ones to the app drawer… it’s just a line at the top and a big empty space.

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I have an inkling that the smart stack widget was intended to be used to help fix this issue. From what we saw in the keynote and in pre-release screenshots, that widget is usually filling up the top 2 rows of app icons, which makes the rest of your apps more reachable and fills up more room.