Apple WWDC 2020

Just got this text from Barclays, it’s quite nice that they sent a follow up after logging an unsuccessful login attempt from iOS 14 and that they explain why and what they’re doing to fix it

Other banks could learn from them


Normally, these drop end July

One thing that Apple should be applauded on is the stability of the Dev Beta’s (iOS 13, anyone :eyes:)

I’ve been running them since day 1 and more or less I’ve not had any real functionality issues.

Bug Sur on the other hand…

Yeah I think they’ve missed a trick with the widgets (or haven’t released the functionality yet)

For example, I was kind of hoping that the Music widget would allow you to control songs from the home screen but it doesn’t

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, given that WidgetKit is super new.

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Yh, so far they’ve removed all Interactivity within widgets themselves which is a big issue in my opinion and I’m kind of shocked that they have done that. This is why I can’t see the only widget i previously used on iOS 13 being updated because it relied on interactive buttons.

I’d assume interactivity will probably come with iOS 15 but it is definitely a shame we’ll have to wait that long


Not being able to control the widgets from the homescreen seems like a major miss.


Oh my. What’s happening with that?

The public betas have now been released for anyone who was going to try things out early.

Just go to: and make sure to backup before installing any betas!


Not just backup but backup to iTunes and make sure it’s encrypted & archived


Make sure the backup is encrypted so that it includes Health & Keychain data and avoids asking you for 10 different passwords after restore.

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So far I’ve found the Big Sur Beta to be quite a bit more unstable than iOS14 has been. Granted that they are both beta’s. These are my findings, other milage may vary;

  • Safari is way to buggy to use (crashes out on webpages)
  • Music force-quits every five minutes it seems
  • The clock widget is still broken, the second hand resets each time you close and re-open it
  • MS Teams has not integrated well at all (Granted not Apples fault) and is hard to use

Other than that it looks and feels amazing, and I’m sure that the Public Beta will resolve most of these issues, or at least the next version will.

NOTE: You shouldn’t install a beta on your main device unless you’re prepared for things to go wrong and face issues regularly. You Should if you’re ok with that and want to help feedback the issues and get them resolved.

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Just a warning note about Beta’s

You won’t be able to restore a phone to iOS 13 backup from iOS 14 beta so ensure that you’ve backed up before you switch over and make a note of the time and date so you can select the right one later when you’ve reset the phone fully

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This only works if the backup is encrypted (to make sure you don’t lose health data and passwords) and archived (to ensure it’s not overwritten the next time you connect your phone to the computer)

And needless to say but if you update then have to restore you’ll lose all your data since the last backup


I should probably do a back up anyway, thanks for the reminder.

If you’re using iOS 14 on your daily driver I would not update to dev beta 3 at the moment. There seems to be some weird behaviour where Monzo is functional when in the foreground, the minute it’s put into the background it crashes :calling: Can anyone else replicate?


I’m not seeing that specific to beta 3.

But, for months (maybe even a year), I randomly get crashes from Monzo TestFlight when the app isn’t open.

Same happens with opera TestFlight so, not sure how it works and maybe it’s coincidence, but I’ve put it down to some sort of TestFlight issue.

Possibly! I wasn’t experiencing it on previous betas. It’s happening consistently at the moment every time I close the Monzo app.

Edit: you are correct! No issues with the App Store version :eyes:

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I’m seeing the same.

It seems whatever Monzo tries to do when iOS tells it to go to sleep is making it shit the bed.


There’s been a bug going around for a bit that invokes FaceID when quitting Monzo from the multitask screen. Is this what is happening?

Trying to find the thread now…

Edit: found it

Seeing it here. On TestFlight version. No issues (so far) with anything else.

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Nope don’t think so! I’m not quitting Monzo just putting the app into the background, makes it crash instantly on the latest TestFlight build (but all OK on App Store build)