Apple Watch Ultra

They’ve still not attempted to take my funds so unsure if it’ll be declined or error for me.
I’m assuming once they attempt and it’s declined my order gets auto cancelled? :upside_down_face:

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In the past I think I’ve heard of people getting an email and being given a chance to change their payment method. But this year has been a bit shambolic so who knows.

I wasn’t sent an email but the store said “order on hold” and allowed to reattempt payment. But it didn’t say what would happen to the delivery date and the payment portal didn’t work anyway.

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I’m torn on my ultra 2 order. If I cancel and get through EE then I would cut my monthly data cost by £3 and spread the cost over 2 years. Although my data allowance would reduce from 10gb a month to 4gb a month. I plan to use the ultra on its own more but feel 4gb is a lot without a phone as it is just audio streaming and maps.

Don’t forget to factor in the RPI increases in March every year.

If you buy a phone/watch as part of your phone provider contract, the whole plan goes up by RPI + 3.9% with EE for example.

Best case scenario and your contract starts in April, still means the second half of your device will cost more than the first half (assuming a 24m contract).

Worst case scenario and your contract starts in Feb, you could end up paying a fair amount more for your device than it’s actually worth as you’ll get hit twice within the contract term.

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Oh I fully know about their rpi+… my current £7 plan is now £9.12 due to 3 years of rpi increases since I got the plan in 2020.
This would reset that. But also sign me up to 2 years more of EE where my current sim only only has a year left on it…. Decisions, decisions!

Is the S9 Apple Watch OTT for non fitness usage?

I would say so, I don’t run or do any fitness really (apart from horse riding) i’m updating due to the battery on my S7 starting to shit bricks

I like the overall style of the watch. The round screen android watches just look so hack to me when it comes to viewing text

Edit: I made a typo


These watches are very deliberately aimed at both markets.

I looked at the Garmin Venu 2 before I got my Apple Watch. The Venu 2 is a fantastic fitness watch, but for ‘only’ £100 less than the current Apple Watch (S8 at the time) the build quality felt cheap and nasty by comparison. The newer Venu 3 is now £449 and still the same lightweight plastic build.

The Apple Watch on the other hand while not quite as good of a fitness watch, was a much more premium feeling device to have on my wrist. Nicer case materials, better screen, and just the right weight to not feel cheap.

And now WatchOS 10 has added support for external Bluetooth sensors like cycling cadence etc. it does everything my previous Garmin did and then some. The ONLY downside…battery life, but the battery in my S8 can outlast me on my bike probably several times over, so it’s a non-issue really.

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You think your s7 is bad. My s5 is atrocious! Although feel it got worse when I installed the beta this year….

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Reviews dropping :eyes:

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Double tap makes me want to upgrade, I use my nose all the time.

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My series 7 has double tap via accessibility… but it doesn’t work too well

I’m going to wait for a Series X or a darker Ultra I think.


I wonder if they’ll go £1k with the X next year…

Whatever it is because I’m a sucker for new designs I will probably end up upgrading.

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Make it black, and loads of people will buy it! :joy: I paid extra on my current Apple Watch to get it in black (not sports grey)

Bleurgh. Hate black. Silver or the pinkish gold that I have currently.

Classic watches that I like are chrome/solves to that’s probably the safest option for me.

I’m actually a big fan of the raw titanium on the current ultra’s, if I was upgrading my phone I’d be getting the raw titanium pro max to match!


Cannot complain!


Exactly the same as mine via DPD :slight_smile: