Apple Watch Series 4

(Frank) #82

I do a lot of outdoor sports and so being able to leave my phone elsewhere but still be in contact for emergencies is actually pretty handy.

(Tom ) #83

And of course you don’t need a cellular contract if you just want it for 999 calls.


I’m still waiting for mine :frowning:

Not much longer though, 19-23rd estimate…


Cancel that, it was actually despatched today! :slight_smile:

(Jonathon) #86

I randomly popped into Dixon’s at Heathrow and they had plenty of stock and were priced at £409! So grabbed one before my flight.

Crazy that you can’t get them for weeks from Apple.

(Harry) #87

No price difference and I collected same day.

(Richard) #88

Mine hasn’t changed…

However… I live in hope! :smiley:


Mine arrived 2 weeks before the due date on Apple (due 24th October - Should have arrived Fri/Sat, but got stuck in Kazakhstan… I’m not even joking).

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #90

Anyone wanna give this ago?

(Andre Borie) #91

Does anyone noticed bad performance regarding NFC on the latest watch? Mine gets the red light all the time on the Tube and it’s getting quite annoying; I don’t remember having this kind of issues on my Series 1 nor 3.

I have a knockoff Milanese Loop (aluminium I assume) but I don’t think it affects things (I had the same band with my Series 1 and never had issues). Might buy an NFC-enabled terminal and do some tests myself.

(Matt) #92

My Series 0 had the screen pop off last thursday, they sent it off for repair and I just bought a Series 4 in store, If any of you are still waiting for your orders, the stores seem to have a lot of stock in but no one realises that you can buy in store yet, from what they said the Aluminium space grey GPS 44mm is the most popular, with the black sport loop.

It’s weird that when you try and buy online that in store pickup is unavailble when it most definitely is!

(Kevyn) #93

Did you get it repaired for free or did they charge you? I’ve not got around to complaining yet.

(Matt) #94

It was 9 days over the extending warranty for the Issue (swollen battery) so I should have paid, but they have repaired it for free, unsure if they are going to repair that exact model or replace it with a series 1 / 2. From what I’ve seen online they stopped repairing series 0’s a year or so ago.

Why are you complaining?