Apple Watch notification - to "freeze card"?

(Rob) #1

Currently when you receive a notification on your Apple Watch you get the same notification message as on the iPhone but with a button underneath to “Flag as expense”. I would suggest changing this button’s use to “Freeze card”. Albeit very unlikely to be invoked it could be a good way to combat a lost/stolen card…?


I would (personally) prefer to keep the ‘Flag as Expenses’ button - that’s one that I do use fairly frequently on my watch. Helps me to not forget to mark it later.

Appreciate that not everybody is going to have a use for an Expenses category, but I think that a ‘Freeze Card’ button would be used so infrequently that it’s a bit of a waste of a button in the notification.

If you were to receive an unexpected transaction suddenly flag up on the watch, my first instinct would be to open the app anyway to investigate.

That’s my opinion anyway… :slight_smile:

(Dominic Tyler) #3

@j800rob, I agree with @David.D, I don’t think there’d really ever be a reason to have that button. The other issue is, if you tapped it accidentally, for example instead of the Dismiss button, then you’d have to open up the app to unfreeze your card etc, which would be more of a hassle.

The Flag as Expenses button is really useful anyway, for those that need it. Perhaps an option to remove the button might be better?

(Rob) #4

Thanks for your responses @domtyler and @david.d. I guess the usefulness of “Flag as expense” option is entirely dependant on how you use your :mondo: card. Personally, I keep my business expenses separate from my day-to-day spending and therefore will never use the “Flag as expense” button, but I appreciate we’re all different. And I guess there are limits on the number of buttons available within an Apple Watch notification - probably just the one(?) - so maybe it would be good to configure that button within the App, or as you suggested (@domtyler) have the option to switch the button off entirely.

As I alluded to in my original post, if you lost or forgot your (contactless) :mondo: card to quickly freeze it would be a neat way to prevent any further loss if some nefarious individual decided to pick it up and use it :smile:

(Dominic Tyler) #5

@j800rob: I get absolutely where you’re coming from, and I understand your point on the freezing. I just worry that I’d tap it accidentally and cause all sorts of bother! Anyway, I reckon configurability is always going to win in this situation, either for changing the button or removing it altogether. I wonder if there are any other functions one could add to that button?

( #6

Send money? Click send money, multiples of £5, bump watches together. I have no idea if that’s even feasible from a technological point of view.

(Rika Raybould) #7

Not really with the current generation hardware and software. Developers have no access to the NFC controller at all and very limited access to Bluetooth on the Watch.

As for the number of buttons question, off the top of my head you get two buttons plus dismiss for static notifications (same as iOS notification swipes). I don’t see a limit for dynamic notifications, however those are incredibly limited in other ways right now.

To throw my opinion in the main topic, freeze card probably shouldn’t be in the notification. It’s a good candidate for putting in a main watchOS app force press action though. Especially if it can be done without connectivity to an iPhone.

(Adam) #8

The way WatchOS apps work, its not possible as data is relayed from the iPhone itself unless the watch can connect to a known WiFi access point.

(Rika Raybould) #9

I am aware and that is exactly what I was referring to. With my Watch lasting far longer than my phone, I find myself using the feature fairly often and it’s gotten far more stable in recent releases of watchOS.


I rarely buy things on expenses but about half of my tesco and asda transactions are for petrol and I need to go in and amend that to transport from groceries if I want the data to be right.

Maybe ‘expenses’ by default, but a setting in the Apple Watch app to select something else?

(Dominic Tyler) #11

@leon44: I guess this is what we were saying when we suggested that it can be customised. In your case, I guess you’d have the Transport one there, and then you’d be able to quickly select that when necessary.