Apple Watch App

(Richard Conian) #81

I would LOVE this feature. :heart_eyes:

(Lance Rumbolt) #82

I have both because as you say the Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker but it’s closed system is garbage compared to fitbit. I know that is changing with the new watchos and ios12 but what I’ve seen it still can’t compete.


I love mine!

(Peter Shillito) #85

Only normal notifications, which has an option to mark as expenses, but no other features. There’s no dedicated Apple Watch app yet.

(Heather) #86

I would love a watch app

(Tim Banting) #87

I have a Samsung Watch on order. I like the notifications I can already get. With the exception of looking at immediate balances and using Samsung Pay I’m not sure what else I would need.

(Ryan Kirk) #88

I’m in a position where I have both the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear S3.
I do much prefer the overall display of the Samsung and Monzo works perfect on it (notifications that is )

(Tim Banting) #89

I have an earlier notifications work fine on that too. Not sure I’m that bothered on a specific tizen app for my new Galaxy Watch.

(Tim Banting) #90

Is it really people looking to use their watch rather than their phone for payments? Wouldn’t you need the frontier with a SIM if it was just watch only?