Apple Watch App


Great, happy travels :+1:

(Nicolo) #62

Is there an update on this or has Monzo got plans to develop one themselves?

Would be amazing if someone actually made it :grinning: with a complication or something perhaps although idk what you could show in a useful way.

(Jack O'Neill) #63

The summary feature could work really well as an Apple Watch app!

Just a quick mock-up :watch:

(Jonathon) #64

I like it.

Of course, when it’s a tiny bit more accurate!

(Hugo Cornejo) #65

That’s so amazing. Let’s see how the new watchOS rich notifications play out… :crossed_fingers:

(Adam Robertson) #66

Sounds promising! :drooling_face:

(Mark) #67

A simple Apple Watch app that would give me a balance summary would be great. Appreciate it may not currently be high up the list of things to do BUT with Apple now introducing controls in response to iPhone addiction and all of the talk about #mentalhealth it is something to think about.

A basic balance complication on my watch would mean I wouldn’t have to delve into the full Monzo app on my phone as often as I do. It’s clear we all spend too much time there already. And it’s not good. A small thing yes. But a few small things can make a big difference.

(Stephen Robinson) #68

Couldn’t agree more. I don’t care if the app does nothing but display my balance. That’s all I want.

(Nicolo) #69

Ideally pot balances too but yes doesn’t need to do anything too complex. Rich notifications would be awesome though like seeing details about transactions on my watch as they happen maybe an icon or a mini map idk.

(Aled) #70

Quick balance check would be great as well as notifications

(Kris Lord) #71

Any Watch app should be able to function if your iPhone isn’t nearby (using either Wi-fi or cellular but that’s handled by the OS)

Also, the key for me is speed. It needs to update quickly and not try to do more than the basics well.

(Andy) #72

A simple red, Amber, green “activity” ring complication for your monthly summary would be an excellent and simple feature.

I feel like with banking, you would prefer to use your phone to do anything other than something simple.

(Steven Ringrose) #73

Quick balance would be great. Nationwide has an AW app that offers this and I use it ALL the time


AW… Android Wear app?

(Steven Ringrose) #75

Apple Watch

(Lewis Derbyshire) #76

I think you should split it up so rather than scroll down you swipe through each section.
have the summary tab then swipe to see the list of categories.


Yes please! :heart_eyes:

(Simon B) #78

Nationwide were pretty quick off the mark with Android Wear (now Wear OS).

They launched their app all the way back in 2014 when Android Wear first launched. I remember that I considered opening an account with them just to try it out, but couldn’t be bothered with the faff.


(Calum James) #79

Wow, that’s actually a pretty quick response time for a bank to support a new feature. NatWest were always somewhat quick to support things like Touch ID; Santander were terrible and they didn’t support Touch ID for years. I’m not sure how quick Nationwide have been to support new phone OS features, but to suppprt Android Wear that quickly was fantastic!


Any plans on watch app?