Apple Wallet to integrate with Open Banking APIs

Gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that Monzo’s action without notice here to compensate for inefficiencies in their service has broken the wallet integration.

I had an inkling it might happen when I saw the post, but then no one mentioned anything until now.

Something Apple will need to fix in a future software update if this is the cause.

Edit: tested mine, and I can’t link it either. I get the same error as you for my current account. And Monzo flex throws up some weird API login screen at Monzo.

I re added mine to Apple Wallet about an hour ago with no issues.

Mines working perfectly as well.

I noticed mine didn’t update earlier

Saying that it did just update

Working fine for me, I just re-authed mine.

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Personal, joint and Flex all added without issue. I’d never bothered before.


I find if you do one and then another it cancelled the first with the same bank. Let me know if all 3 of yours keep individually working?!

My Flex and Plus accounts are still working fine with Wallet. The balance and transactions update as soon as I select the cards.


Strange - I’m still having issues.

What are my next steps to getting this sorted?

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Same. I can only add solo or joint. If I add solo it works then add joint, that works and solo stops. Ffs!

I really wasn’t bothered about this when it launched because I don’t think I’d ever check the wallet app to see a balance/history, but my current balance being there when you double tap is new (to me) and a nice improvement.


I don’t think it of any importance, just another thing I could do, but won’t. If you do not know the current balance in your account(s) then you need to give your head a shake.

I usually have a rough idea for my personal account, depending on the last time I checked and how spendy I’ve been that day. I have zero idea how much is in my joint account.

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