Apple TV+

I finally started watching the 1971 show a few nights ago and I’m hooked. This is incredibly thorough and the amount of commentary from the stars of the time is fantastic.

Timed perfectly with me recovering/saving the Bowie records my father decided that he wanted to draw on in his youth :exploding_head:


Season 2 Episode 1 of Ted Lasso did not disappoint :ok_hand:

Spoiler-ish chat:

I’m really enjoying the fact that we’re getting the team a good few months down the line instead of an immediate follow on from the Season 1 finale. Roy Kent fully embracing the plus sides of being retired but itching to be involved in some way fills me with even more hope. His post date life advice to Rebecca was outstanding :ok_hand:

One episode a week is kinda brutal though - might have to spend money on the AFC Richmond merch site to soak up my tears.


Yeah, one of the highlights of the episode. So perfectly delivered and on point for his character, too.