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Yes much better than I expected too. Definitely didn’t see the twist coming.


Oddly enough, I actually did. It clicked for me at the end of episode 1 that made question if he is what he is. I just didn’t think it’d actually go there.

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I watched Sharper last night (as the ITV debate was on).

I’ve seen the trailer half a dozen times or more and always dismissed it. That was a mistake. The trailer really doesn’t do it justice.

It’s one of those films you can’t really describe without giving the plot away, but my in depth review is: I really enjoyed it.

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Monarch fans - slight tangent, but Godzilla Minus One appeared on Netflix over the weekend. Thought it was pretty good.

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I quite enjoyed.


There’s a remake/reinterpretation of Time Bandits on it’s way with Lisa Kudrow staring…

Not sure what to think of this atm…

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Very surprising. Given the nature of it, was expecting this to be a one and done limited series.

Excellent show tho.

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So glad it’s been renewed! Hope this doesn’t mean that it won’t complete in one series!

Such a good tv show! Reminds me a lot of defending Jacob

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One of the best sci-fi series has now launched season 2. Severance. Not until January sadly but worth the wait.

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Ohhh this show was so good! Still can’t get over that ending!

January 17th 2025.

Silo season 2 needs to hurry up too.


Just started watching Dark Matter, up to ep4 now and it’s better than I expected.