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Maybe he thought he could use Lounge access with his joint account :grimacing:


I can’t tell from this if this is a kids show, or aimed at an adult audience - only one ‘I want that Dick in my hands!’ joke. From the actors in it, it’s a fairly good bunch of British talent so it’ll be interesting either way. I can see Noel Fielding being the actual ‘weak link’ in this tbh.

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No idea who Noel Fielding is, but I love a good pirate adventure. Not sure how I feel about it from the trailer.

It gives me budget pirates of the Caribbean parody vibes. The sort of skit a bunch of old school YouTubers would make.

Will give it a try though. Could be fun.

There’s a lot Apple announced today. I think this press releases summarises all of it.

Presumed Innocent sounds like it’ll be really good. So I’m looking forward to that.

Manhunt, Land of Women, and Dark Matter all look interesting too.

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Doesn’t look like my sort of thing, and I am not a fan of Noel. Might have to pinch my nose and have a look because Greg Davies.

Dick Turpin ain’t no pirate. He be a land lubber highwayman me hearty.

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Oh, some good shows in there! But sod this, where’s Severance and For All Mankind!

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Gave me the vibes of one though!

The Dick Turpin show reminds me a bit of The Year of the Rabbit, but that might just be because it’s an irreverent period comedy with Matt Berry in it.

After going through the synopsis I realise I’ve read the book that Dark Matter is based on. It’s, er, not very good. The subject has been tackled in much better stories going back to PKD, and I didn’t think Blake Crouch brought anything new to it.

I’m here for more epic sci-fi. Apple is on fire with that atm

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Ooh I forgot about “The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy“, we really enjoyed the first season.

I was sure you were a Bake Off fan!

He’s Johnny Depp from Wish. So you might like him.


I can see why.

The vibe I got was that of an updated version of a Carry On film.

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Never seen bake off other than that tiny scene in Ted Lasso!


Noel Fielding is mostly famous for The Mighty Boosh which came out in the early 2000s, I was a fan at the time.


Never heard of that either!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned watching The Masked Singer on ITV, it’s that famous British people aren’t typically the sort of famous people I’d know or recognise!

In all my years I’ve got one right (although not unmasked yet) and they’re an American! I do much better with the US version.

Me either to be fair, I only ever knew about The Mighty Boosh because I randomly found it one night on BBC Three lol. Otherwise I’d have no idea who Noel Fielding is either. I think he may have been in some episodes of IT Crowd but I never watched it myself.

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He’s great I love him! Was a big fan of the mighty boosh, I think he’s the perfect cast for this role. He’s always verging on pantomime and brings a bit of camp fun to anything.


My favourite Sunday morning pastime is watching Sunday Brunch and trying to work out whether the panel of celebrities really are celebrities or just random people hoiked in off the street.


Is anyone else finding Masters of the Air hard to follow in the weekly episodic format?

I’m really struggling with the characters. Remembering who is who, aside from the main two. The plot is getting a bit lost on me too. This isn’t a problem I usually have.

Meatball is the best character though.

If you think Masters of Air is bad for not knowing who characters are, you should try Band of Brothers. Once the helmets go on everyone is identical.

If MoA is anything like BoB, the plot is necessarily episodic and you’re not expected to remember (or even know) how one event has led to the next, as the series is following key events in that particular theatre of war rather than character journeys.

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