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For All Mankind season 4 coming in November!



I can’t believe that I watched the first three seasons of For All Mankind without knowing that Joel Kinnaman, the actor who plays Ed Baldwin, is Swedish!

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The morning show is back!

I’m rewatching season 2 & then jumping on 3. There are 2 episodes out & then weekly it seems.


Just watched the first episode. Love the dynamic change from last season. There’s a nice little 5 minute catch-up at the start which recaps the major plot points from the previous seasons to reorient you. Wish more shows did that.

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Maniacs! I’ll watch it when it’s finished and I can binge. It’s 2023, I want to watch on my schedule!

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I much prefer this weekly format. I still watch it on my own schedule, I just don’t fall into the binge trap. It wastes time I don’t have and leaves me with nothing to watch when I actually want to watch something!


Speaking of binge traps, I’ve been watching 3-4 episodes of Game of Thrones per day starting at the beginning. Currently about to start S7.


Oh my days.

I didn’t realise there was a season 3 for War of the Worlds.

I seem to have only got to episode 7 season 2, where she went up in the ship thing, didn’t finish the whole season and definitely didn’t know there was a season 3!

:joy::melting_face: what an idiot.


This looks really good. Brie Larson is usually fantastic. Aja Naomi King too. Haven’t seen her in anything other than How to get away with murder. I miss that show.

So, after finishing the whole of season 2, although it was subtle/very confusing they couldn’t resist not having another split timeline across the 2 storyarcs :slight_smile:

One of my (not major but slightly niggling) disappointments though in the series was the ‘staging’ of Terminal. From the Fleet in space you saw a big band of orange lights around Terminus - presumable to indicate a huge city circling the planet. However, on the ground it didn’t look anymore ‘advanced’ than what they’d setup in the first season - still lots of buildings looking like they were made out of scrap so you didn’t really get an impression that the Foundation had advanced much.

Not that Terminus matters anymore at all for Season 3

Slow Horses season 3 premieres on December 1st


I looked at that, it had nothing to do with horses, so I noped out. It’s like ‘only fools and horses’ I tried to like it, I really did. it just wasn’t funny.

Same with Faulty Towers

I don’t think it’s meant to be a comedy? It has its funny moments but it’s a spy thriller. Nothing remotely like only fools and horses. Can’t stand shows like that.