Apple TV+

It’s either MQ or Ted Lasso for me as my favourite Apple production. The idea of being able to make me laugh tons, create that warm wholesome feel and then next minute shatter your soul.

I could see Apple TV filling the void that Netflix is creating for me. I feel that Netflix have kinda lost their touch for shows and keep making very boring ‘blockbuster’ films nowadays.


We’ve started watching Trying and I’m really enjoying it. It’s good to have something lighter and especially with the shorter episodes, you don’t have commit to it if you’re tired etc. So now we just watch two at a time!


I saw the trailers for this where they showed the premise from each side of the relationship and found it really interesting.

I’ll throw it onto the weekly TV rota :white_check_mark:

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We’re still waiting to start Season 2, we both loved season 1, i loved the humour. Just need to dig out the Apple TV box from whatever drawer i put it in


Ok, now this is really neat. The latest episode of mythic quest premiered yesterday. The flashback episode for this season that covers C.W. longbottom’s backstory!

Brilliant episode by the way, but Apple have also released the book and audio book [narrated by the actor] featured in the episode on Apple Books here:

They’ve done pretty cool things like this with a few of their shows now, and I love that.

This episode was fantastic!

The whole production was excellent plus the actor they chose for the young CW was such a great fit. I just get shocked at how well they pull off the non directly comedic material.

Plus having the big hitters of the sci fi world was nice little nod :ok_hand:

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New trailer just dropped to highlight upcoming releases! A lot of good stuff in here I’m looking forward to!


Full teaser for Invasion just dropped! Starring the dinosaur man from Jurassic Park! Excited for this one


Yeah - I’m completely sold on that.

Production looks incredible :eyes:

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I know this thread is about Apple TV+ The app but I’ve got a Sony Bravia WE61 that isn’t supported for AirPlay. Is the answer to get an Apple TV box or splash out on a supported TV?

From WhatHiFi

@Coral-Crew Feel free to put this in a new thread if you think it doesn’t belong here :wink:

If you’re in the market for a new tv, may make more economic sense to just pick up a tv that comes with airplay built in! A lot are airplay enabled these days, even the cheaper models.

Roku also supports AirPlay these days too and are much cheaper if AirPlay is the feature you mainly want. Has the TV+ app and other streaming apps too. I do love my Apple TV though, and I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you were to buy one. It’s my favourite box for watching stuff.

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I’ve only just got into atv+ because of the free 12 months with my new iMac. Already watch See and Home Before Dark👍

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I haven’t tried Home Before Dark yet! Is it any good?

Waiting for S2 to start :wink:

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First trailer for See season 2 is here! It’s also been renewed for a third season already!


Trailer for season 2 does look good actually.

I hadn’t heard any more about See since the big publicity splash when it was released. Have to say, i couldn’t make it past the 3rd episode. Really didn’t work for me. I didn’t even know they were renewing it as I thought it was a bit of a flop.

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Bautista vs Momoa should be epic!


I had no idea Bautista was involved.

Looking forward to him and Momoa kicking the shit out of each other.


Bautista is new for season 2 I think! Don’t recall seeing him in season one.

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I’m a bit late to the party just started “watching” that tonight. Stuck the AirPods in, it sounds incredible. Immersive is probably the only word for it, amazingly unique so far.