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How is the pacing of season 2? I enjoyed the first, but found the pace a little slow until the last two episodes.

To be honest, I’d say the pacing is pretty similar to the first season. It’s not ‘24’ or ‘Spooks’ (if you remember those shows!) - going at breakneck speed every episode for the whole season.

It’s got a slow build up with the big pay off at the end - which I suspect is a lot like, even though I’ve not read them, would be just like in the books the series is based on.

Saying that, there were 2 ‘OMG!’ moments in episode 4.

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Seems like this is the case. My grandfather read and loves the books, and enjoys the show too. He said the shows stays very faithful to the books, just less in it given the fact it’s a different medium that can’t possibly include every single detail from the books.

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Just finished Mythic Quest! Took em a whole season, but they’ve finally written themselves out of the corner they wrote themselves into with the end of season 2, which felt like a proper end. The door is wide open for a fourth season this time, so can’t wait for that.


So, thoughts about this? Looks interesting, and a pretty good cast as well.


Cast looks good. Not sold on the premise. Will wait to see what others think. Looking forward to the new Harrison Ford comedy though because same creators as Ted Lasso.

Enjoyed the first episode of season 3 of Truth Be Told.

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There’s also a new travelogue show with Eugene Levy coming out next month as well ‘The Reluctant Traveller’

Sounds a bit like a remake of ‘An Idiot Abroad’ - person who doesn’t like travelling being forced to go and experience stuff.

It’s good to see though that now that their ‘original’ wave of shows that came out around launchtime (Mythic Quest, Ted Lasso, Servant etc.) are possibly coming to an end (*), they’re lining up new stuff as well.

(* - yes I know neither Mythic Quest or Ted Lasso have announced yet what happens after series 3)


I can’t watch it atm but I really hope the actor pictured is as smug in it as he was in The Morning Show.

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I just immediately thought of Travelman from Channel 4

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Anyone else been watching Shape Island?