Apple TV+

I’m still bitter I can’t swap out Arcade for Fitness and just take the middle one.


Final season of Servant begins on January 13th. There was a trailer too but can’t get the link for it right now!


Even better deal than usual given the recent price increase!

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Spirited trailer:


Anyone been watching Shantaram?

Thought it was coming this month but just realised it’s already 5 episodes in.

Absolutely loved the book and can’t wait to watch it.

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The trailer piqued me, but never quite pulled me into giving it a try. Is it any good?

More free TV+.

I’ll let you know now that I’ve stated my trial! :joy:


Mythic Quest season 3 is here! Got a bit giddy when I saw it in my up next. Watching now.

Did anyone watch Bad Sisters? It was on my list of ‘yeah - I’ll give that a go’ but never got around to it. Is it any good?

Anyway - season 2 has been announced as well.

Yup - LOVED it! So glad they a doing a second season :blush:

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Spirited was an excellent film! Loved it!

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Nice. It’s on my list.

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Almost did a spit take there. Are they why Monzo changed their name? :thinking:

After a quick search, I suspect a filing for the UK trademark ‘MONDO’ by a German company in early 2015 (which was subsequently opposed but appears to have then been approved), in classes very similar to what Monzo would have filed for is probably the culprit:

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So between Spirited a Disenchanted (which is also great, but not as good as the first), Spirited is the musical I keep coming back to this holiday season. My favourite since The Greatest Showman (which is still the GOAT for me), and after seeing the soundtrack credits for the album on Apple Music, it’s easy to see why. It’s Benj Pasek and Justin Paul! Same duo behind The Greatest Showman.

Not that I didn’t enjoy Disenchanted’s soundtrack either. Love Power is a great song and captures a nice medium between her big songs in Wicked and Frozen. Or at least that’s the vibe I get. But that and Badder are really the only memorable songs for me. But I enjoyed all of Spirited’s numbers and they stuck with me.

In terms of soundtracks, spirited wins the holiday for me, it’s the one I’m going back to listen to more frequently, and on repeat. Heck, I might even rewatch the film again. That’s a first for me for an Apple Original Film.

Disenchanted is also on my list. The original was one of the first movies the Mrs and I saw together.

Will get back to you on verdicts.

Absolutely love The Greatest Showman too! Gonna have to watch that too over the holiday.

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If you enjoyed the first you’ll probably enjoy this one too! Amy Adams is fantastic in it! Showcases the phenomenal range of her acting talent! Idina Menzel isn’t completely wasted like she was in the first one either!

I think I need to rewatch the first one at some point and do them back to back to be honest! A sequel was long overdue.

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Redeem this if anyone wants to try it for 2 months

Just finished bad sisters.

Really enjoyed it!


Just caught up with the first 4 episodes of Season 2 of Slow Horses.

I love that this is definitely a show where ‘no-one is safe’ and they kill off characters.
Although at the end of ep 4, with River at the Aerodrome facing the 2 russians and then the mother walked in, I was screaming at him ‘ITS HER! IT’S OBVIOUSLY HER!’