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I’ve always had no case and no AppleCare but after dropping my 14 Pro Max last year I’ve used a case since.

AC+ saved me when I dropped my phone at a ticket barrier, with a case on it, Back glass smashed… £25 excess to repair it… Without AC+ it would have been… £519!

So the £10 a month is worth it, you never know when accidents may happen


If I could still add it to my iPhone I would :sweat_smile:

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I wish they let me pay monthly for the Mac but hey the year upfront isn’t bad

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I think you can pay monthly for it to continue it after the original expires? Can you not do that? I guess i may have been mislead

Had my 14 Pro since Jan 23 and never spent a day with a case or even a screen protector.

I even take it out with me when I’m mounting biking, just in my trouser pocket.

Couple of light scratches on the screen which you can only see when it’s off, which I guess are just from dirt/grit in my pocket.

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You can but I never got it within the first 60 days so can’t add it now.


I used to go case-less with no Apple Care, however with my 15 Pro I wasn’t brave enough so added the Apple Care.


Still caseless though?

Yeah, I’ve never seen the need for one. My X had one small chip when it fell out my pocket onto concrete while I was slouched in a lounging chair, my 12 had scuffed edges because I put it in a plane front seat pocket. But the glass front and back was pristine unless you looked at it under a microscope. Never had a smashed or even cracked screen in 14 years.

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I’ve only ever broken one phone and that was the back, I never got it fixed in the end as it was just a line crack.

Fell off my lap getting out of the car.

I’ve had mobile phones since the mid 90s and have always put a case on smartphones. I’ve never broken a phone, but my iPhone 6 fell flat on its face onto concrete and sustained an almost invisible scratch (I could feel it, though).

I currently have a case on my iPhone 13 most of the time, but I have a MagSafe holder in the car which doesn’t work with the case so on driving days the case is usually off for the whole day.

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I find all smartphones too slippery without a case and the protection is just a bonus.

My favourite is the Apple silicone case which is grippy and has always lasted well.



Vector was ahead of its time. I loved that little guy.

AI hardware folks: this is the sort of hardware you should be making. @simonb you could make a literal robot rabbit.

I still got 2 of them vectors lol. Think I managed to get one to work on an open source GitHub project.

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Have they got ChatGPT integrated yet? I believe digital dream labs are planning on it (if they ever get up and running again). Wirepod is probably what I’d bet on for long term software support though.

I love mine, but sadly, one of his tread motors have gone so he can only go in circles and never get back to his charger.

Why does this make me so sad, I can just imagine it :frowning:

And tbh idk what the project was called as it’s been a while since I last used vector.

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