Apple Pay Cash

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #62

I will use it instead of


We’ve been here before with very similar leaks/rumours - and it’s still not here.

I’m hoping that this pans out and it arrives soon, but I won’t hold my breath.

(Glenn Lewis) #64

Read the article and found myself wondering when I’ll ever use it. Mates are on Monzo, so I don’t need it for that. Plus, when you withdraw from the cash card to your bank account, it takes 1-3 days. Yeah, mint that. I’m all about waiting for money to move around these days.

So yeah, colour me nonplussed.


Yeah, I’m in the camp of not really knowing what I’ll use it for.

I don’t know many people on Monzo - So perhaps it’ll be easier.

Wait and see I guess!


I would definitely use Apple Pay cash so hope it does surface at some point!

(Charlie Kelly) #67

This. It’s 2018! Big disappointment in my opinion.

(MikeF) #68

Agree with some of the others. I don’t understand what it’s for and can’t imagine that I’ll ever have a use for it. There are plenty of other ways of moving money about.

(Andy) #69

Looking forward to this, can see me using it quite a lot. Wish Facebook messenger pay accepted the Monzo card and I’d be using that a lot too!

(James Berry) #70

Wonder who the UK payment provider will be?


N26 were featured in the last Apple launch so I wouldn’t bet against them

(James Berry) #72

N26 not launched in UK yet, so it’d be early for them. But that would cover Europe off nicely, so perhaps one partner does make sense.


Maybe they’re waiting for that to launch with a huge splash :woman_shrugging:

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #74

I heard that Marcus might be the backend for this and they have just announced an expansion in the U.K.