Apple Music bug

I’m trying to listen to music via a subscription, yet it keeps stating I’m offline, despite being connected to the Goose Wi-Fi network of mine & rebooting the app and my phone.

Any ideas?

I want to listen to something other than Human League.

Have you tried restarting the phone? Airplane mode on then off?

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Yep tried both of those. Looks like I’m resigned to ELO.

First Google result

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None of that worked, hence my post.

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That is, at least, different from Human League :slight_smile:

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Also different from Phil Oakey & Georgio Moroder (:musical_keyboard: legend)


At this point it’s Apple Support I’m afraid

They are not fun to contend with. I installed Tidal and got a trial but with my XM3s the sound is really quiet which seems to be another bug according to Reddit.

Does it play when you’re connected via the network, with wifi off? What about with your VPN off?

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It’ll play songs that are cached, I don’t use Mullvad on my mobile.

A few more things to try:

  • settings > music: make sure use mobile data is toggled on and that you have data left in your allowance. Turn off wifi and see if it works then. This is just to rule out something on your network blocking access.
  • settings > general > transfer or reset iPhone > reset > reset network settings: this is a common fix for sort of issues like that. You’ll need to sign back into your apple account afterwards.
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