Apple event 2021

What are we all expecting from Apple this year? The iPhone 12 was a pretty big update so I’m not holding my luck on anything major this year on the iPhone 13.

Same old stuff they normally update.

  • Better display
  • Bigger battery
  • Faster Processor

However the Apple Watch has rumoured to have a redesign. It looks more like the iPhone now (flat edge)

Apple are cutting it tight for releasing an IOS15 RC. If they announce new phones today then probably allow you to preorder Friday and then for purchase next week? So I’m presuming one BETA tonight after the event and the RC next Tuesday. Maybe?

Long thread here: iPhone 13

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The iPad mini having USB C is great, one more product away from lightning can only be a good thing.

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iPad mini looks great :+1:

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Was going to recommend it to a friend, right up until the price was shown.

Just too expensive unfortunately!


iPhone 13 looks good, doesn’t seem to be a Pro or Pro Max model this year though

Yeah the price is a killer. Such a pity.

That’s next.

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I presume that Rack focus is gonna be iPhone 13 only… typical Apple

In my opinion this year is a bit of a disappointment for both the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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I’m an Apple user but the updates have been overwhelmingly disappointing.

I was hoping for an under display TouchID sensor to make an appearance. Plenty of others have done it and FaceID and masks isn’t a great combination unless you have an Apple Watch and are wearing it.

Bigger battery is something nice, but everything else is just meh. The cameras were already great, so for most users it’s not a huge difference the minor yearly improvements.

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I really dont understand all the desire to have in-display touchid. I would much rather it was the power button myself.


When I saw the iPad mini with it in the button I thought for sure the iPhone will have it along with faceID but sadly it didn’t

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I’d rather have touch ID in the power button, than FaceID - 2 iPads have it now, come on Apple

For some reason I still would love the Apple logo on the back to read fingerprints - something about that seems so cool to me. Plus I actually found it really natural to use it on the back on the Pixel phones.

But how would that work if you had your phone in a case?

Something I’m wondering my affect sales, at least initially, is that I got my iPhone 12 last year on contract with EE which includes being able to get a free upgrade after the first 12 months. Because the iPhone 12 was delayed last year, that 12 month period isn’t up until the end of Oct. So, even if I did want to (I don’t personally) I couldn’t upgrade until then.

By that time, you’ll have all the reviewers who have actually had time to play with the phones and give a more honest opinion and compare them to the 12 and other flagship phones and I suspect will probably give a ‘worth upgrading from an older iPhone, not worth upgrading from a 12’ review.

Much like Pixel cases they would have an Apple hole in the back of them.

Just be careful with EE. I had this for a few years and it was great, but it (used to) stipulate that the contract had to be the same or higher in price than your current one, and each year the contracts were a little bit more expensive. I ended up having a contract that was £90 a month from an initial starter of c£50.

It’s not necessarily bad but just something to be aware of with that contract/upgrade.

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To be honest - I’m not actually intending on actually using the ‘free upgrade’ option anyway.

I had an iPhone 6S for about 5 years until the battery only lasted about 4 hours - then upgraded to a 10s. And then I only upgraded from the 10s to the 12 Pro because my partner’s phone died and so it was easier for me to upgrade and give them the old one, rather than them try and get a new phone contract (they stick to PAYG normally).

After the 2 year contract is up, I’ll be downgrading to SIM only until this phone dies unless there’s some absolutely amazing new feature released which I can’t live without.

So, this is just a hypothetical - are there a lot of people who might want to upgrade this week, but can’t right now because they’re still in the initial 12 month contract?