Apple Card

Yes, I imagine this too.

The U.K. and Canada have always been primary markets for Apple, then Australia and New Zealand. Everywhere else always seems to come later.

I also believe that Apple Cash will launch anywhere the card launches - it might be at lower rates than elsewhere, but cashback at the Apple Store is a definite feature of the card, I would suggest, even if provided at a slight loss to encourage overall usage.

They will also want to be launching in markets where card usage is high, so I would be surprised if the U.K. isn’t high up the list.


Will Apple Card have to be compliant with the open banking API? Or does it depend what bank they partner with?

I think any payment account card/offering in the UK would now need to comply.

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I heard of a rumor of BoA (iirc) coming over here - may have been Chase, now I think about it

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Another Apple event (WWDC) and still no Apple Card UK!