Apple April Event


That might be it! I ordered the 4 pack with one of them engraved.

I ordered a four pack with two of them engraved, they arrived today but were originally listed as May 4-6. Hopefully yours come soon!


Agreed. Last time I checked my AirPods were at work as where I last used them. Slightly different in this case I guess

Got my AirTag and good news, the cheap £5 Amazon silicone keychain thing fits like a glove

I can also report that my keys haven’t moved from the console table draw in the last 3 hours :+1:


But have you gone 30ft away and tried to “find” them?

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First thing I’m gonna do when I get mine is have my brother hide them around the house try to find them with my phone.


Amateur. Make him hide them outside. In the streets.


If I was your brother I’d post them to Brazil :joy::wink:


Upstairs 20ft away I’m getting a signal is weak message. 18ft and it works

What I dislike – and isn’t Apple’s fault – is that the keychain I got is made of the same soft silicone Apple like to use so it attracts pocket fluff even if you think about putting it in your pocket. Main reason why I can’t use the MagSafe case I paid £40 or so for… bloody soft silicone

So, my AirTag accessories arrived this morning! A day earlier than I was expecting them! (Who knew our local courier still delivered on bank holidays? Not me apparently)

Not much to say about them. Quality seems great, though still not worth their price tag. The loop is the most Apple like of the two, and the leather key ring actually has a really nice ring, that’s among the most superior of key rings I have owned. I would say in terms of key rings I’ve owned, only those from The Sterling Pet seem a higher quality.

The leather is your typical Apple leather, just wish they did them in black to match the harness it will be going on. The loop is your typical Apple silicone, feels nice, but will be a lint magnet and impossible to keep clean (if anyone has any tips on cleaning this material I’d love to hear them, because my magic keyboard for iPad Pro has seen better days).

They’re both identical, and nice, shades of blue.


Apple make their Apple Watch Sport Bands out of fluoroelastomer instead of silicone and it’s way less of a lint magnet and doesn’t get that shiny look that silicone often does after a while. I wonder why they don’t use the same material on their phone cases and AirTag holders - it might go some way towards justifying their prices then.