App won’t recognise me

Issue: I can log in online but not in the app

Details to reproduce: The app doesn’t recognise my email address
OS: Apple
**Device:**emphasized text iPad Air 2
App Version:


What error is it giving?

Also make sure you are clicking sign in , not sign up.

Hi Andrea & welcome :wave:

Do you have an iPhone onto which you can download the Monzo app and run it to try?

I’ve got the app installed on my iPad and my android phone

Have you been able to log in to your Monzo account on any of your mobile devices prior to this?

I would forget the iPad for now and concentrate on getting the app to run on your Android phone first.

No, I can only get at it online. I’ve checked and it’s the same email

Yes I definitely click the log in not the sign in not sign up

If you can’t access it via both your iPad or Android but you can login at then I suggest you either email or call the number at the back of your card.

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