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I am told by email from Monzo that I need to be on a version (2.63.0) or better, but the app doesn’t tell me what version it is (at least, I can’t find it), nor does google play store. Most apps include their version in the help in the app.

How do I find out?

On iOS new nav

Profile pic>cog>settings

And scroll all the way to the bottom of the list

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On Android new nav

Profile pic>cog> App version is shown at the bottom of the top box (under ‘Member since…’)

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Sorry, but what is “Android new nav”? What profile pic? What is
‘cog’? I am clearly very dim, but we seem to be starting from
very different places.

The easiest solution is to just see if there is an app update available. If there is not, you are on the latest version and don’t need to worry.


Have a look at your App Store. The latest version available is the one you need.

The new navigation has 3 options at the bottom

Profile pic is the pic you have set for your profile in the app. On iOS it’s here

This is a cog


And it’s 2.64 on iOS now.

I am on Android.

  I don't have a profile pic.  I see no cog, no settings.  No

‘Member since’. Are we all talking Monzo as an Android app?

  As far as I can tell I am on the latest version (updated today),

but because people on here seem to be seeing different things,
maybe I am not.

  Can you tell me precisely which tab you are looking at (of the 5

at the bottom of the screen)?

  I am looking at Home, seeing my balance graph at the top, with

spending below that.

Ah, you’re on the old navigation if you can still see the pulse graph

Thanks, but I’m on Android, so I don’t see any of this.

Far simpler on Android. Press Account then press Profile.

But I downloaded it today.

Right but have you selected to try the new navigation in labs? If not then new sign ups get it automatically and it’ll be rolled out to all users in the next few weeks

Ah Ha! Go to the Account tab first (which I hardly ever do), then there’s a profile link. I don’t think I have ever gone to that. I now see I am on 2.64.1.


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If you updated the app today stop worrying. Everything is fine. You are making this more complicated than it needs to be :+1:

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I came to the blog because there was no help in Q&A that I could find, and the chat wasn’t available. “New navigation” is all news to me. How would I have known about it? No wonder the initial replies baffled me. I knew I had no photo, and didn’t see a cog anywhere.

I was simply responding to an email from Monzo saying what version I should be on. and struggling to find it. Not helped by Google Play which doesn’t say which version it is.

Anyway, I know now. Thanks to all.

If Monzo had not told me to be on a specific version I would not have worried, but they did, so I was. The initial responses to my query indicated I was on a totally different app from the responders, which naturally worried me.

If you’re interested in the new navigation then here’s almost 5000 posts about it

Thanks, but I’m not really interested in a new navigation. To me it’s a bank, with a tool. If it works, fine, I’ll use it. Warnings by email about being unable to use the app due to security changes naturally concerned me.

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