“App Store Monopoly” Discussion

So because “most people” dont care we should remove the chance of them getting more privacy from ios as possible?

Why try, we have already lost it all, lets all get android, simple, its not like the whole facebook/social network advertising market wasnt badly hit by the ios changes for tracking…

I don’t think that. I certainly didn’t say that. Do you??


I am not compatible with the people you know! :joy:

Aside the few on Mastodon or anonymous throwaway reddit accounts, I don’t think anyone in my chosen social circles (not family) use any social media unless you count iMessage/signal

You could make a case for tiktok, a few have that, but to me it’s more like YouTube than Facebook or Twitter.


By allowing jailbreaking/android approach privacy protections will be weakened if you didnt realise, wait till people install the meta store with no tracking restrictions or the play store. This is before you get to all the scams and adware stores.

I do actually know a couple of folk in IT on android and one the reasons they dont want ios is because they cant run a hooky app for youtube that has no ads :smiley:

A job I applied for recently actually pulled me up on it in an interview. They were like - we noticed you didn’t have any online presence, can we ask about that?

I’ve seen crap on LinkedIn encouraging this too - ‘try to find people online, most people will have an online presence so it could be suspicious if they don’t’ type nonsense. I find it bizarre it’s almost a social expectation to post rubbish on social media :sweat_smile:

I was just like, I’m autistic and I don’t like talking about myself. Deal with it. Didn’t get the job, wouldn’t have wanted it anyway.


Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot! Some view it as a red flag in dating too. Social media really did excel at normalising stalking. :sweat_smile:


And yet in the grand scheme of things, Android is actually fine.

And if Android is the comparison, third party stores aren’t really a thing. The Play store is dominant and Meta seem happy enough only being there.

I’m totally missing the part where you think I said ‘because most people don’t care about privacy we shouldn’t care about privacy restrictions’, but to be clear I didn’t say anything like that and if you read that into anything I said, apologies for the misreading but that isn’t like anything I would ever say or advocate.

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Is this why I don’t get replies on Tindr :sweat_smile:


Android is not actually great, the amount of phones I have to fix which have adware hell on them is now worse than fixing PC’s. Its even worse when the person is of a lower technical ability, they get steps on how to bypass the security to install whatever app is on the ad not realising what it will allow and Epic wants to make that even easier on Android as they have complained about the warnings on Android.

Yes there are less 3rd party stores (with no real pricing competition for end consumer FYI) but neither has epic bothered doing it on android when it could but there is a problem with adware and I have seen it come from the playstore itself in apps for torchs etc. Because less technical folk can do unsecured installs it does create a lot more uneducated risk.

This is before we get to the privacy/tracking issues, right now meta dont care about android as they can snarf all the data they want really without issue, if the play store had better restrictions though you would see a meta store coming fast to try and get around them.


Great discussion.

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Well this is quite the circus.

Literally speaking though, Apple is right, and I’m not a fan of assumed definitions, or the common sense argument to know what is meant or implied.

I very rarely get to the stage of “There’s starving children and you’re spending money on this” but OMG the amount of money those lawyers will be getting paid to fight over shall.

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Google to open up app payments after UK watchdog probe


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Reduces the fee by 4% if it has play billing or 3% if it doesn’t.

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The company did say, however, that it still “respectfully disagree[s]“ with the court’s upholding of the original decision that ruled Apple can’t forbid developers from directing users to third-party payment options.


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