“App Store Monopoly” Discussion

Oh sorry. I think this relates to Epic circumventing IAP, for which they’re being made to make Apple whole on their missed commission.

But there’s no way Apple will be taking a cut from others developers revenue linked to outside the App Store.

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Actually the judge said apple had the right to collect commission (although she couldnt necessarily justify 30% for the patents/ip) and IAP is the way apple collects commission not just purely payment processing so they would still be entitled to commission on apps on ios that were processed outwith IAP.

The verge wrote a better breakdown after their other reporters had the wild headlines about how apple lost everything basically (incorrectly) and it was a bit clearer at least:

With you on the first part, but that wasn’t my understanding on the second part.

I guess we’ll see. But it seems like that would defeat the point of the anti-steering ruling.

I do believe they can use a most favoured nation clause though.

The $6m payment back to Apple just shows how much of this is about money though. They don’t care about the consumer, the little guy or anything else that they pretend.

They earned $20m in a WEEK! I don’t blame them and I’m not surprised they are fighting it, if it was my business and I could possibly help it earn billions more, I would too.

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Some interesting reading / listening.

Yeah but I would expect the commission on outside sales to be less because its not inapp. Its all still a bit messy as to what will happen next, she said it would be unfair for epic to do outwith sales and not give apple a commission for their systems/api etc which is collected currently via IAP usage, epic doesnt have the right to remove apple getting any revenue but she also said the 30% is hard to justify.
Part of me thinks apple will drop the commission to 20% IAP and 15% (or even 10%) outwith sales that come from the link out. Dev’s will have a saving to be had but apple still collects commission for sales caused by apple.

The numbers could be different and apple may not charge commission on apple triggered sales from outside systems initially but I guess the main point is they could given the ruling.

I am just happy the whole alt stores and direct install apps were not a given as I can only see bad things coming from that but then there is legislation trying to allow that which will no doubt end up being wrangled through the courts if/when it comes.

Hell epic wanted apple to check their direct install stuff for security issues but not apply app store rules on them which would be a direct cost to apple with no source of revenue to cover the cost which was a bit unfair.

I’m not sure they can. Apple also have to meet their recent commitments following the Japan Fair Trade Commission’s investigation.

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I am trying to find the ruling but it may not preclude the commission as it was not seen as something apple would do. If they are not explicitly banned from doing it they could do it but like the US ruling the devil is in the detail.

Dont know how far he will get given there are other swype keyboards for watch already and I doubt he owns patents on it.